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The Single Bullet Theory - An analysis of the most hotly contested issue in this case, and the question nobody wanted to ask.

Addendum to this video with more information about the man who probably fired that shot.

Did the driver shoot JFK?
Almost unbelievably, that is the theory that some Youtubists are promoting. This video should lay to rest any possible doubts, that Bill Greer shot no-one.

The Shot at Zapruder frame 285 - This shot which was fired 1.5 seconds prior to the explosive head wound, was first discovered by Dr. Luis Alvarez, although he expressed uncertainty about its cause - mainly because it was impossible that Oswald could have fired it and the one that followed. But the witnesses who were closest to the President then, confirmed beyond all possible doubt that this was indeed, a gunshot.

Lee Harvey Oswald - A study of Oswald and the motives that drove him to travel to Russia and profess a love for Marxism, as well as his connections to U.S. intelligence.

Lee Harvey Oswald part 2 - This video highlights the fact that Oswald was a fanatical anti-communist and his efforts to undermine the most despised of J. Edgar Hoover's enemies, including the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, the ACLU and the Congress of Racial Equality.

The final shots - An analysis of the final flurry of closely based shots at the end of the attack. This article also resolves the mystery of why the autopsy photos were so much different than the Parkland doctors recalled.

Addendum to the final shots - this video adds important information to the main article, including the fact that Dr. Boswell confirmed exactly what I have been saying, in his ARRB testimony.

The undamaged Zapruder film
- A copy of the undamaged Zapruder film which includes frames that were damaged or missing from the one that Life magazine owned.

Connally's First Interview
- A televised interview of John Connally from his hospital bed at Parkland. Of particular interest is his confusion about what happened at the beginning of the attack, claiming that he turned to his left and actually saw President Kennedy. But the Zapruder film proves that he actually turned to his right, and could not possibly have see the President. He later changed his story.

The Discovery Channel Scam
- In recent years, the Discovery Channel has been exploited by some of the most radical "lone nut" theorists, who have produced documentaries that contain numerous errors and misrepresentations. In this one, the simulation proves exactly the opposite of what they hoped.

Dale Myers - Shortly after Myers complained to Youtube to make them remove my video, which criticized his presentation on the single bullet theory, several Youtube members reposted it. This is one of them. You can see the original of this video, in higher resolution, here.