VIDEOS (Quicktime required)

The Shot at Zapruder frame 285 - This shot was originally discovered by Dr. Luis Alvarez and was confirmed by the statements and simultaneous reactions of the passengers in the limousine. It was fired 1.5 seconds prior to the explosive head wound and missed the President, going on to strike the Main Street pavement, where it shattered and caused James Tague's minor wound.

The reactions of the limo passengers to the shot at frame 285 are often misunderstood by people who don't realize that almost every public version of the Zapruder film is running in slow motion. This stabilized version of the film has been calibrated to run at 18.3 frames per second, matching exactly the speed of the limo during the assassination.

The Magic Bullet - This video is about CE-399, the bullet that the FBI claimed was recovered from a stretcher at Parkland hospital. But as you will see, the evidence is overwhelming that an entirely different bullet was recovered from Governor Connally's leg.

Lee Harvey Oswald Part 1 - An analysis of Oswald, his politics and his connections to U.S. intelligence. This is the same video I posted to Youtube, but it is higher quality.

Lee Harvey Oswald Part 2 - This video follows Oswald back from Russia to the United States, and looks at his efforst to undermine the FBI's most despised enemies.

Dale Myers This is the Youtube video I made which demonstrates that Myers misrepresented the positions of President Kennedy and Governor Connally in a Discovery Channel documentary, for the obvious purpose of trying to make it appear that the trajectory pointed back to Lee Harvey Oswald. Myers responded by filing a copyright complaint to Youtube and making them remove the video. Of course, he permits unlimited usage by those who agree with him. I also made this followup video which clarifies a couple points.

Stablized Zapruder film - This version of the film has been stabilized which makes it much easier to view the actions and reactions of the passengers in the President's limo.

The Towner film - This film was taken by 13 year old Tina Towner as the limousine made the turn onto Elm Street. As we will see in a future video, this film is much more important than most researchers realize. I am looking for a better copy of it, by the way. Please let me know if you have one you could share with me.

The Nix film - This film was taken by Orville Nix from the south side of Elm Street. It provides a good luck at the actions of Clint Hill and Mrs. Kennedy.

The Muchmore film - This is not the sharpest copy of this film and I will be replacing it when I find a better one.